I made a picture!

The very talented Cryptwarmer wrote an AH story for Elysian Fields, it's called He Came With The House (; if you haven't read it, you're missing out, and I talk as someone who doesn't usually like an AH. I had the pleasure to be involved for barely necessary copy editing, and the story took my fantasy so much that I wanted to make pictures, which to my surprise ended up not being bad at all, so I'm putting them here, first the attempt at Buffy trying on a gown for the Emmy awards:

and then the pic for the night at the Emmys:

I wrote fiction!

I never thought I'do it, but there was this fun challenge issued by Sunalso on Elysian Fields: "write a one shot or short chaptered fic with the craziest premise you can come up with and post it on April 1st", so I got an idea that wouldn't leave me alone, and here it is, my attempt at writing--it's naive in places, but it's my first, and I think it's smile worthy.
Set in S.5-after Riley's gone.
They say that even the cockroach is beautiful to its mother...

“Something Fishy”
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a technical question

A question for my meager flist, hoping they won't defriend me for butting in.
I've dowloaded a fic from the Sandlot site, and since I plan to send it to my Kindle, I've put it in a Word doc. It still has the sand-colored background, though. Does one of you know of a way to get rid of it?

This really is embarrassing

I'm a re-lurker.
I used to read fanfiction, lurking in the background; then I joined LJ and got a fancy fannish LJ name, gave a lot of comments, some of them just admiringly enthusiastic and some very pretentious...then it was too much and I went away.
I still
 love fanfiction, though! And since I still wanted to give my regards to the writers, I got a proper lurker name.